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Thursday, April 08, 2004


New Orleans, LA - As she always did, the healthcare worker went around to the back door of the neat house on Nursery Avenue. This time, something was wrong...the door stood open.
The first Jefferson Parish officer to arrive heard a soft moan and found a thirty-eight year old woman lying face down on an upstairs bed. The victim suffers from a rare debilitating form of multiple sclerosis that has left her partially blind, paralyzed and confined to a wheel chair.
When she was finally able to describe what happened to her, she told how she was awakened at 2AM Sunday morning by woman standing over her holding a large kitchen knife. The intruder slapped a pair of handcuffs on her wrists and hog-tied the invalid with shoe laces. The burglar then ransacked the place until she found her victim's ATM card. When the helpless woman refused to reveal her PIN code, the felon poured gasoline all over her and threatened to light a match to get the number.
One of the first things officers noticed at the scene of the crime was the lack of forced entry into the home. It wasn't long before they began to focus on a former medical aide who knew where a hidden key was kept. What really caught their attention was that Watrina Hall's family filed a missing persons report about the time the crime was taking place.
Hall, 27, has been arrested and sits in jail charged with attempted murder, armed robbery and battery on the infirmed.
The victim, who is staying with her sister, is recovering from the chemical burns she suffered from lying on the gasoline soaked mattress.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004


Syracuse, NY - It was 1990 when Peg Reome was devastated to learn that her live-in boyfriend was molesting her ten year old daughter. She did the right thing. She had George Geddes, Jr., arrested for rape. Two weeks later she disappeared.
She still hadn't turned-up when, in 1993, Geddes was convicted of the sexual assault. He did his time and was released on probation. Probation officers have control of every aspect of their ex-con's lives. Last summer it came up that Geddes was renting a storage unit and hadn't reported that as required.
Back when Ms. Reome initially went missing officers immediatedly searched the apartment she shared with Geddes but, they came up empty handed. Now records revealed that their prime suspect had been renting the space at the U-Haul center for the past fourteen years. Armed with a search warrant, they opened the door to the five by five room. Inside they found a single trunk. In it were the remains of a thirty-one year old woman who had suffered severe blows to the head.
As Peg Reome was recovered, her three children looked on. "Talk about giving your life for your child," said her daughter, "She really did." One of the detectives commented, "It takes a pretty stupid criminal to put a body in a place he rented under his own name."
Geddes, who paid to hide his victim even while in prison, has just been arraigned for murder.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004


Racine, WI - Five months ago Penelope Parker told police that she had been raped while they stood outside her house awaiting court permission to enter. Now she wants to marry her assailant.
The strange case started when a neighbor witnessed Matthew Rice beating and dragging Ms. Parker into the house they shared. Responding officers couldn't get anyone to answer and were about to break down the front door when their sergeant arrived and told them to stop.
By the time he had called his supervisor, who in turn contacted a prosecutor and received authorization for forced entry, forty-five minutes had passed. When police rescued the battered woman, she complained that Rice had raped her while officers were only a few feet away. Rice was lodged in jail.
Then, two months after the attack, Parker wrote to the court saying he had only beaten her. She stated she would refuse to testify to rape. Without her cooperation, prosecutors had to drop that charge. Rice pled guilty to felony battery and received a six month jail sentence followed by three years probation.
An additional stipulation of the sentence was that rice could have no contact with Ms. Parker. Now the victim has again written the court requesting that provision be set aside. "We are engaged and still planning on getting married." her letter said. In his response, the judge ruled that the only way that will happen is if Ms. Parker submits to a psychological examination.
Pending the results, should Rice violate terms of his sentence, he will be facing another one year in prison and two and a half years of extended supervision.

Monday, March 29, 2004


Kodak, TN - It was 10:26 Thursday morning and no one in the bank realized what was happening until the robber had fled. Behind she left a briefcase containing four pipe bombs. The teller who handed over her cash drawer described a light skinned black female 35-40, thin build, glasses, long sleeved green shirt and blue jeans.
The woman fled in an old beat up delivery van that had been stolen from the Krispy Kreme facility on Kingston Pike. Police found the abandoned truck less than two miles from the bank at a mini storage. Meanwhile, officers removed the briefcase and detonated the bombs outside the bank.
On Saturday morning in the nearby town of New Market, James Allen and his sixteen year old daughter were working in their yard when a minivan pulled alongside the curb and the driver beckoned the girl. He told her he was running from the FBI and needed some food and money before he turned himself in. She ran to her father who immediately called police.
Moments later constable Frank Soloman spotted the suspect and turned on his lights and siren. The driver stomped on it and the chase was on. About seven miles later, with officers from several departments on his tail, the chase ended on a dead end road in front of the Mill Dale Bed and Breakfast. The suspect, who hasn't yet been identified, resisted but was subdued and taken into custody.
A search of the van turned up a bomb, a hand gun, handcuffs, bank bags and a wig. The bed and breakfast was evacuated while the bomb squad removed what turned out to be a fake explosive. Officers speculate that, given the evidence recovered, the woman robber may have been a fake as well.


Long Island, NY - The co-owners of the Dolphin Fitness Club, Paul Riedel and Alex Algeri, were best friends in addition to being business partners. They looked alike and even drove similar cars. Late one night when Alex went out the back door to get some CD's from his vehicle, an assassin stepped out of the dark and fired five rounds into the wrong man.
The trail of tragic events that led to the killing began when Lee Ann Riedel, tired of her husband, decided murder was easier than an interstate divorce. Lee Ann had already left New York and gone to stay with her mother in Florida. When she headed South, Lee Ann took $125,000 of Paul's money with her. Before she fled, she also took out a $100,000 life insurance policy on Paul.
It was Lee Ann's mother and her live-in girlfriend who introduced the former strip club bartender to Ralph "Rocco" Salierno. The two quickly became lovers and Rocco agreed to kill Paul if Lee Ann would hand over the $100 G's. She agreed.
The six week trial that just ended saw a parade of witnesses who filled in the details of what happened next. Rocco, a some time loan shark, took on an accomplice, Scott Paget, himself a drug addict and dealer. The two drove to New York. Once there, they staked out the car she had described and used a picture she gave them to identify their target.
After Rocco ran up to the SUV, the criminals drove back to the Sunshine state expecting to collect big. Instead, the whole crowd is only going to get hard time. Lee Ann and Rocco have both been convicted of first degree murder and are awaiting sentencing. Scott, the get away driver, testified against them, and as part of a plea agreement, is awaiting sentencing on unrelated federal drug charges.

Friday, March 26, 2004


Olympia, WA - When David George didn't show up at the Oregon County Fair last July, his friends knew something was wrong. The artist made it a ritual to come and paint signs in his own trademark eclectic style. Everyone familiar with the fifty-one year old batchelor also knew he smoked a little dope and had followed his favorite band, the Grateful Dead, all over the world.
For a while Dave designed and sold t-shirts at concerts. That is how he and lead guitarist, Jerry Garcia, became friends. It was Jerry who invited Dave to accompany the group when they played in front of the pyramids in Egypt. Dave even carried a pebble he had picked up there in his pocket.
About a week after the fair, a dismembered body was found and a week after that it was identified as most of David George. Police got several breaks in the case and soon arrested two men, Mert Celebisoy, 21, and Joseph D'Allesandro, 19. As often happens, the accused quickly turned on one another. Both agreed, though, that the death was the result of an argument over drugs. Each claimed to be driving a car when the other stabbed Dave, who was sitting in the passenger seat, five times with a hunting knife.
Forensic evidence revealed the dead head was alive when he was stuffed into the trunk and that he bled to death there. After leaving the body where it lay for several days, the pair hatched a disposal plan. Dave was taken to a vacant home where he was cut to pieces using an electric saw. The body parts were then shoved into black trash bags and placed back in the trunk. The killers then drove to another property where they used a wheelbarrow to carry the bags to a shallow grave.
Thursday morning a jury in Olympia convicted both men of murder. Friends of the deceased hope that before sentencing is imposed the two will tell them where to find Dave's missing left arm and head.

Thursday, March 25, 2004


Warren, RI - Patrolman Matthew Cabrel entered a side door to Andy's Bar to investigate an assault that had occurred the night before. Like anyone would, he stopped for a minute to let his eyes adjust. He stood there long enough, and could see well enough, to witness a drug transaction take place.
A man, later identified as Joshua Broomfield, put a bill on the bar and the bartender, Matt Chauvin, slipped six pink pills into some cellophane and passed them back. That's when officer Cabrel stepped out of the dim light and arrested both young men.
The trouble that night at Andy's was only the latest brush with the law for the bartender. Last year during a sting, Matt was busted for selling alcohol to a minor. Police were familiar with the club having answered numerous complaints ranging from fights to loud noise.
Now the Town Council sitting as the Licensing Commission has stepped in. Citing the record and testimony, they decided to revoke the liquor license and ordered the club to close for a month. The Commission also fined the club owner, Roger Chauvin, Matt's father, $1,000 and banned the son from the establishment.
Commenting on his boy's felony arrest and the license revocation, the elder Chauvin said, "This is serious. My kid has put me over a barrel."


Port Huron, MI - It was about eight o'clock Friday night when the doorbell rang. The homeowner, a retired man of 65, wasn't expecting anyone but he got up and went to answer. When he opened the door, he was met by two armed intruders. Knowing they had the drop on him, he handed over his wallet and gave up his guns.
As they started to flee, the victim reached for a weapon he hadn't told them about and opened fire. The younger of the robbers staggered. He was helped to his feet and the two disappeared into the darkness.
A couple of hours later and eighty miles away, a father rushed his son into the Huron Medical Center emergency room. Desperate for help, the older man said the youth had been wounded in a road rage incident. As they do in all gun shot incidents, the hospital notified the police.
Officers were quickly able to unravel the story and arrested the robbers. Brian Stocks, Sr., and Brian Stock, Jr., were taken into custody and are charged with home invasion, armed robbery and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.
Police think they will be able to link the two men to another home invasion where a 61 year old woman was terrorize. Additionally, officers are adding one count of filing a false police report in the road rage lie. For Stocks, Sr., the extra charge won't make much of a difference. He's already a two-time habitual felony offender. Any conviction at all will mean he goes away for a long time.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004


Troy, NY - Michael Hoffler goes by the street name "Murder". While that may have sounded good as an alias, it probably won't help in his upcoming trial. The convicted drug dealer has been charged in the slaying of Christopher Drabik, a police informant.
Hoffler, who once lived on Osborne road in West Albany, was convicted of selling crack cocaine to confidential informants on three occasions last May. The jury found him guilty despite the absence of Drabik, who was scheduled to testify for the state.
A second man linked to the murder, Lance Booker, is accused of aiding Hoffler kill Drabik. Booker is cooperating with police and has given a detailed statement. According to his version of events, Hoffler repeatedly ask him to do the hit. Instead, Booker says he agreed to buy a gun from a woman who was trying to raise bail money for her boyfriend. Booker also admitted that he provided the cell phone that was used to lure Drabik to his death.
Both Hoffler and Booker have denied killing the informant. They claim they waited in a car while someone they knew as "G" actually pulled the trigger.
Hoffler was given 38 years in the drug case but, may not serve that sentence. The District Attorney is asking for the death penalty for "Murder".

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